Giuseppe Ornati, Milan 1920

Giuseppe Ornati 1887 – 1965

This is a fine example of Ornati's early work showing the influence of Leandro Bisiach Senior. The varnish is wonderfully transparent light golden brown with wiped edges so typical of Milanese making at this time. Ornati was a fine craftsman and a great proportionalist, both of these qualities evident in this violin.

Giuseppe Ornati born 3rd July 1887 began violin making at the age of 13 under the tutorlege of Luigi Montanari & Leandro Bisiach Senior.

Guiseppe Ornati is considered as one of the most important makers of the 20th Century and was one of the contributors to the re-birth of Cremona School.

The violin is in excellent condition and has a soloist quality sound

labelled: 'Guiseppe Ornati fece in Milano Anno 1920' – with makers signature
Also bearing an oval brand 'Guiseppe Ornati Milano'


Back Length: 356mm
Upper Bout: 168mm
Middle Bout: 112mm
Lower Bout: 207mm
Mensure: 195mm

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