Pre-order your copy of W.E. Hill & Sons Violin Makers 1880-1936


I would like to introduce you to our forthcoming publication “W.E. Hill & Sons Violin Makers 1880-1936”.

This monograph provides a photographic and documentary record of the company’s instrument making from its inception in the early 1880s to c.1936, when the first phase of production ended. Historical context is provided as well as biographical summaries of the principals and employees involved. New information from primary sources corrects and supplements previously published work.

John Basford and I have undertaken a large amount of original research about the history of W.E. Hill & Sons. The book will contain at least 28 instruments, numerous templates and moulds, and many part-finished scrolls.

We are taking pre-publication orders at a discounted price.

If we receive your subscription before 31st December 2019 we will enter your name to the subscription list in the book.

Please find attached the leaflet for more information. (PDF)

We would be most grateful for your support.

Many thanks,

Tim Toft

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