Jean-Joseph-Honoré Derazey. Paris & Mirecourt (1794-1883)

We have three fine examples from this exceptionally gifted maker. They are made in his golden period c.1835 just prior to him receiving medals in France and England for his making.

As an expert and enthusiast I relish the opportunity to have several pure examples by the same maker on the bench at the same time.

It provides a fantastic opportunity to study the makers’ characteristics and to further one’s expertise.

The three violins are modelled after Stradivari, which Derazey favoured at this time, all one piece backs, exquisite edge work and finally cut sound holes.

Of particular note is the varnish antiquing creating a distinctive wear pattern, which is similar on all three violins, a technique which he perfected whilst working for Jean Baptiste Vuillaume in Paris. During his time with Vuillaume he made many instruments, most of which Vuillaume labelled as his own. Such is the demand for Vuillaume violins today that a Derazey with a Vuillaume label is worth five times more than if it bears a Derazey label. Thus purely from an investment point of view Derazey violins must be considered undervalued.

All three violins are in original unrestored condition and are available for trial at Tim Toft Fine Violins!

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