About Tim Toft

Tim Toft grew up surrounded by violins and has now been a professional violin dealer, expert and enthusiast for 35 years. Both his Father and Grandfather collected and dealt in stringed instruments

The shop “Tim Toft Violins” located in Stone, Staffordshire serves musicians from a wide area of the Midlands and North West. This is now managed by Tim’s son Matthew.

Tim is an expert consultant to major auction houses and financial institutions. He has also lectured at the BVMA (British Violin Making Association) and (VSA) Violin Society of America conferences to critical acclaim. His vast experience along with his extensive archive facility and modern dendrochronology techniques, have combined to make him an internationally recognised expert in his field. More importantly, however, Tim is universally recognised as a completely honest and fair violin dealer.

Sound is paramount for a player but It is also vital that they can be confident in the provenance, condition and value of an instrument . This is of particular importance in the case of very high value instruments which also become investment for the owner.

Tim’s certificate of authenticity along with his after sales commitment gives much needed peace of mind in a field which can be extremely confusing.

‘A progressing student, who may change their instrument regularly needs the “peace of mind” of value for money when buying an instrument. It may sound like a cliche by I am not motivated by the quick sale or the fast buck, I want the player to be happy in years to come when they realise their investment’.

I hate to overcharge, I prefer to build a long term relationship with a player. At the point of sale I always ask myself would I buy back this instrument at the same price in 10 years? – If the answer is yes then I know that I’m not overcharging, of course I would always offer the same amount in part-exchange at anytime.’

A violin becomes a part of the players pension fund so it is of vital importance that they can deal with a dealer they can trust.